About Us

We work to maintain a firm connection with our customers. We believe in sports and physical activity, our values are based on:

  • Emotional


    • Creative thinking
    • solving problems
    • Imagination and role play

  • Social


    • Exploring group dynamics
    • Understand and respect differences
    • Cooperation, sharing with others
    • Communicate emotions

  • Physical


    • Participate in an active lifestyle
    • Challenging physical skills
    • Joy and satisfaction in physical effort

  • Extend learning

    beyond the Classroom

    • Mathematics and counting games
    • Language and early literacy
    • Physics in action
    • Artistic experience through color and music

  • This is

We play today, for a better tomorrow

There is no doubt why we are committed to creating the best children's games. Because the game turns children into better adults. Through play, children learn about themselves. They learn to interact with others. They develop physically and emotionally and develop behaviors that will take them throughout their lives. The game is one of the most organic ways children learn, and we have the opportunity to be a part of that.

  • Attractive, Durable and Resistant

    The functional and structural design is carefully prepared and reviewed by a competent and multidisciplinary team which verifies that the client's requirements and regulations are met. Our structures are designed and built with safety factors, superior to those required by the standard.

  • Easy Installation with Modular Design

    We guarantee that all components are easy to install and assemble so that your projects are fast and efficient. Some Parque Activo® structures can be purchased and installed in phases, which facilitates your budget.

  • Robust Manufacturing

    All components of Parque Activo® are processed with CNC machinery (computer numerical control) which ensures that manufacturing tolerances are guaranteed in each production batch. Welders qualified by AWS D1.1 and AWS D1.3 guarantee high performance dynamic welds. Staff committed and trained in all areas of manufacturing and after-sales service guarantees your satisfaction.

  • Incomparable Coating

    All components of Parque Activo®, after bending, drilling and welding, are subjected to a process of electrolytic galvanization by immersion that completely covers the piece. The anticorrosive action of zinc is reinforced with a polyester powder coating, cured at high temperature, specially designed for UV resistance, long-lasting color and glossy finish. Parque Activo®'s latest technology coating is superior in relation to any other in terms of durability, wear, abrasion and corrosion in all weather conditions in Ecuador. We guarantee in this way a minimum maintenance of the equipment during its useful life.

  • Components With Superior Quality

    All the fastening components (bolts, washers, nuts) are galvanized and stainless steel. Safety bolts and bolt covers are placed to prevent theft and removal of parts and at the same time facilitate maintenance. A complete and permanent stock of pieces and parts guarantees quick response time in case of scheduled maintenance.

  • Certified Quality

    Quality certified by INEN that guarantees your safety and that of the users. We have a computerized quality system as well as a laboratory to continuously perform demanding performance tests. All components are shipped from the factory to their installation after a pre-assembly and satisfaction in the test protocols. We grant a 2-year warranty under normal conditions of use.

  • This is


Some of our clients with whom we have successfully worked


Puede contactarse con nosotros vía email a ventas@parqueactivo.com
Télefonos: 02 380 10 20
0995 826 811

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